Testimony by Trish Wallis
For me, fitness has never come easy. Certainly not diet, which I continue to be a rebel, and I am especially horrible sometimes of taking care of my physical body. One day I was just more willing. Well, my partner offered to buy me some personal training classes with Katie Snell at HIIT Fitness Sacramento.
I Deserve to Be
I am Wendy Welsher, we’ve probably met. I’ve been a staple of the Sacramento scene for almost 20 years now. I love this city and the healthy influences it has to offer. East Sac’s HIIT Fitness is a shining beacon of this. I’m excited to begin my professional fitness training with you but before we
Why we choose where to torture ourselves?
By Aaron Gomez If most of us are completely honest, we’d admit that working out sucks. It’s a pain, both literally and figuratively. The process of breaking down and building muscle is painful. The required work to increase our cardio fitness is unpleasant to say the least. Hell, getting to the gym is not without