Meet Wendy Welsher
“So what got you started?” Isn’t that the question we all want to find out about trainers and fitness gurus? The truth and beauty of the fitness world is that everybody has a different story. I’d like to tell you about Wendy’s. At first Wendy began her journey into fitness for weight loss, specifically for
Meet Katie Snell
The music is blaring, the lights are dim, I see kettlebells, the exercise bike, and somebody is in their zone. There she is … Katie Snell. I often find Katie at HIIT during her off time adventuring into some type of calorie torching innovative workout. I am thrilled for you readers to get to know
Meet Mike Ortega
Turning points. We all have them. The places where we hit rock bottom with little vision of what is ahead. Sometimes all that we can do is take another step. We find that we need more strength and all our attempts made on own merit simply are not enough. It is often then that we