What is Kickboxing?
The kickboxing class that we offer at HIIT Fitness is a safe environment to take your workout to a new level through multi-planar exercises. I interviewed Dylan Sarron, one of our HIIT Master Trainers who teaches Kickboxing at HIIT. He gave me the full scoop on kickboxing and I鈥檓 here to share. To get a
What is HIIT- Run?
I have noticed a common thread in the many places I have lived and that is that people either 1) love running 2) absolutely hate it 3) too fearful to try. Whatever category you find yourself in, our HIIT-Run class is for you. Can I tell you why? What I love about HIIT-Run is that
What is Ortegatime boxing?
Do you ever get to that time of the week where you really just … you know … want to HIIT something? Well, let me introduce you to Oretgatime boxing. Mike Ortega, the man behind our very own HIIT Fitness teaches this boxing class. You can see where the class name comes from 馃檪 With