Cold Weather Coming? Keep On Exercising.
As autumn has begun to sneak up on us, the air temperature and daylight hours are decreasing. And yes, so is your exercising most likely. You find yourself snoozing your alarm after you signed up for class the night before. You take your covers and throw them over your head while you self-argue with yourself
Planks Every Day
A plank is an isometric exercise that develops the strength and increases the muscle mass. Wait, did you catch that? A plank is also known as that one exercise your trainer always slides in right at the end of a work out just to test your limits. A plank is that weird exercise that all of a
We Give You Permission To Sleep More
There is one thing that most of us are likely to be slacking on, and that is sleep. To become healthier, happier, and boost our exercise routine we cannot ignore sleep. Wouldn’t you just love to finally feel rested? To wake up with more energy than you ever have before? To wake up like a
Why You Should Actually Stretch & Foam Roll
You’ve been working out a while now. You are getting stronger. You are getting faster. People are noticing your body changing. You are finally feeling the results of the days of discipline and setting your mind on your goals. You’ve heard your trainer tell you to stretch after your workouts but life seems to be
What is MyZone?
There is no doubt that heart rate monitors and fitness smart watches are changing the game of fitness. It’s an incredible time to make goals, see your progress, and then actually hit your goals! The questioning of how many calories burned? and what is my heart rate? have pretty much been eliminated nowadays. However, it