Staying Focused
At HIIT Fitness we sell a drink called “FocusAid”. I see many of our members come in after a long day of work and grab a focus aid before they work out. Often, I too, do the same. Now I am all for FocusAid because wow it’s so good! But what I want to highlight
I know you all have heard that word thrown around in your circle a few times before. In the fitness community, accountability is one of the key pillars to making real, lasting change. The last thing any of us want to do is make changes to our body and then as the weeks slip away
2018 News!
We have some pretty exciting things happening at HIIT Fitness starting in 2018. We have taken a deeper look at our schedule, the number of classes we offer and moving into 2018 what would be the ideal schedule for you as our members. I know that availability and time can both be reasons why you