I know you all have heard that word thrown around in your circle a few times before. In the fitness community, accountability is one of the key pillars to making real, lasting change.

The last thing any of us want to do is make changes to our body and then as the weeks slip away our results do as well. It’s important to realize and believe that we really are better and stronger…together.

As we head together in 2018 I want to stress the importance of finding an accountability partner. For many of you, this may be stepping out and committing to personal training. Personal Training is extremely successful because it’s rooted in accountability. It’s pretty hard to miss a training session when you know you’re trainer is already at the gym (right?!). It’s even harder to give up on your goals because you know that you have someone right by your side believing in you.

This is true of personal trainers but it is also true of finding other individuals to be that role in your life as well.

For example, Katie Snell and I (both personal trainers) trained together for the CIM (California International Marathon) together. You might say to yourself “why would they need accountability, they do this for a living…” However, Katie and I both believe in accountability and if we are going to tell others the importance of it, we better be living it out ourselves!

During our four months of training, Katie was my accountability partner and I was hers. Knowing that Katie was waking up at 5 am to meet me to do a 14 mile training run held me responsible for my commitment to training with her. Even if I wanted to let myself down, I wasn’t going to let her down. I committed to showing up.

Now, something I want to make note is that perfection is not what we are striving after. I wan’t to take that pressure of you right now. There will be moment’s where you slip up. There will be moment’s when you find yourself choosing other things over what you are committed to. It happens. What will make you or break you is your ability to be honest with yourself and who you are accountable to.

Let’s say you sleep in one morning and miss a training session with your trainer. Let me show you a quick way to bounce back by combat the shame talk with honesty and action.

Shame – “wow I didn’t show up. I am a failure, I am never going to meet my goals. I shouldn’t even go anymore.”

Honesty – “Wow, I slept in and snoozed my alarm. I must have been really tired”

Action – “I am going to make sure I am getting enough sleep. I will apologize to my trainer and be there at the next session ready to go”

That simple mindset change is universal to all areas of your life!

Finally, an accountability partner is not someone who will let you off the hook. An accountability partner will say “one more mile” rather than let you quit. An accountability partner will say “show up. even if everything in you want’s to sleep in”. When in the search for an accountability partner, you want to keep your eyes open for people who have strengths that you wan’t to grow in.

We all have an incredible amount of strengths to offer each other. I want to encourage you to consider finding your accountability partner in 2018. I can PROMISE you that your year will be marked by real, lasting growth and change!


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