HIIT Fitness Helps Sacramento Veteran Gets Service Dog
With the help of a few strangers, Sacramento Veteran gets a service dog Dorsett was hoping to find a friend just like Leland after coming back from his service in the Army. Leland the pitbull is not only Marc Dorsett’s shadow, but he’s also his best friend. “I’ve got somebody that’s always there. No matter
A.M. vs P.M. – When Should You Really Workout?
I bet you have wondered the very question of what time should I workout? For many of us, this is a personal question. Do we night owls dare wake up for a 6 am class? Do we morning birds catch a few more Z’s and pop into a night class? There has been much research
HIIT Fitness Reading List
Hey all you readers, this one’s for you. We believe in better our bodies and bettering our minds at HIIT Fitness, With that being said, we’d like to share with you our very own HIIT Fitness Reading List. To be your very best in the gym (and outside) it is always important to stay knowledgeable,
Staying Focused
At HIIT Fitness we sell a drink called “FocusAid”. I see many of our members come in after a long day of work and grab a focus aid before they work out. Often, I too, do the same. Now I am all for FocusAid because wow it’s so good! But what I want to highlight
I know you all have heard that word thrown around in your circle a few times before. In the fitness community, accountability is one of the key pillars to making real, lasting change. The last thing any of us want to do is make changes to our body and then as the weeks slip away
2018 News!
We have some pretty exciting things happening at HIIT Fitness starting in 2018. We have taken a deeper look at our schedule, the number of classes we offer and moving into 2018 what would be the ideal schedule for you as our members. I know that availability and time can both be reasons why you
Meet Blake The Beast
HIIT Fitness many of you have already have met our newest trainer at HIIT named Blake…but continue reading if you’d like to real scoop on him. 🙂 We are thrilled Blake is part of our team and what his passion to help you become a champ. I’m sure you can guess Blake is a boxer
Holiday Disciplines
Life gets busy. How about life is busy! We find ourselves in a time crunch and working out seems to be the first thing we ax on our list as life cranks the speed up. I think we can all agree that the holiday season coming up can put a major dent in our regular
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