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What Our (HIIT)ified Members Are Saying

This place is all about the trainers. They’re passionate, driven and most importantly, they care about their clients. I’ve trained with owner Michael Ortega on-and-off for five-plus years. I’m a believer in his ever evolving program.
James H. - Sacramento, CA
The gym-goers are friendly and supportive. We are always pushing each other to the limits.  I would absolutely recommend this place. You will get fit. You will get strong. You will H.I.I.T your goals!
Nataly M. - West Sacramento, CA
Been working out with the owner, Mike and another HIIT trainer, Matt for about a year.  Bootcamps and Private Training sessions are fun, butt-kicking, and life changing.  I strongly recommend this gym and these trainers.  They’ve changed my life.  I’ve also made lifelong friends in their bootcamp classes.  It’s great to meet people who can help motivate your healthy goals.  It also makes you look forward to working out!
Sophia S. - Sacramento, CA
Best workout and trainers in Sacramento. Never boring and always challenging. Mike and Matt are the best. Get Your Fit On and join up.
Rick W. - Sacramento, CA
I’ve been working out with owner/lead trainer, Michael Ortega, for about 7 years.   I’ve never done the same workout twice.   I always leave feeling like I can accomplish anything.  I’m thrilled that he has opened his own gym.  It’s been his dream for a while.  Definitely check it out.  His skill and passion can get you where you want to be.  Just do H.I.I.T.
Deborah H. - Sacramento, CA
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About H.I.I.T. Fitness


H.I.I.T. or high-intensity interval training is a new and cutting-edge form of training yielding wildly successful results. H.I.I.T. is an efficient way to burn more fat in less time.

When you work at high-intensity, you burn more total calories per pound of body weight while keeping your metabolism elevated throughout the day. Studies have shown that H.I.I.T. training helped trainees loose nine times more fat than traditional resistance and cardio training.



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