A.M. vs P.M. – When Should You Really Workout?

I bet you have wondered the very question of what time should I workout? For many of us, this is a personal question.

Do we night owls dare wake up for a 6 am class?

Do we morning birds catch a few more Z’s and pop into a night class?

There has been much research done on the matter and after collectively gathering articles myself it seems to me there really is NO right answer.

Wow, I bet you weren’t expecting that. Now stay with me, there are benefits to A.M workouts and there are benefits to P.M. workouts. Let me give you a few quick benefits of each A.M. and P.M. and after I will tell you what matters not more, but most.

A.M. Benefits:

  1. Consistency. Let’s be real after a long day at work it can be a drag to head to the gym. Early birds seem to win when they get their workout in regularly every morning.
  2. Weight Loss. Morning workouts are known and proven to increase your metabolism for the entire day, meaning more calories burned for you.
  3. Lowers your blood pressure. Researchers have found that morning workouts help lower your blood pressure which is correlated with better sleep

P.M. Benefits:

  1. Healthy Night Life. I feel like this may seem underrated but after a long day, we tend to make unhealthy choices. If you workout at night you utilize that time wisely where it may have been spent eating Nutella and watching Netflix …
  2. Get’s Rid Of The Stress. This may be one of the many reasons I have heard that explains why folks choose to workout at night. We have been stimulated all day long with work and responsibilities and man we just need to get a good sweat!
  3. You’ll Be Able To Go Longer. Loads of research has shown that e can go up to 20 percent longer in the evenings- at a higher intensity.

Now what I believe matters most is that you find time in your daily schedule to prioritize your health. Whether it be in the morning or at night what matters most is that we become people who are disciplined and committed to our exercising.

Self-awareness is also very helpful in determining what hour of the day would suit you best. While I am a firm believer in getting up early and getting your workout in first thing, I understand that for many people that will not be a consistent reality. So go ahead and find a time that works for you, for your best performance, and stick to it! If you are up for the challenge of committing to mornings or evenings grab a friend and stay accountable.

In conclusion, does it really matter what time we work out? No, but what matters most is that we do workout!


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