Meet Blake The Beast

HIIT Fitness many of you have already have met our newest trainer at HIIT named Blake…but continue reading if you’d like to real scoop on him. 🙂

We are thrilled Blake is part of our team and what his passion to help you become a champ. I’m sure you can guess Blake is a boxer from his swag and the way he carries himself…I mean boxers just have that “I will NEVER give up” look in their eyes, am I right? Blake isn’t just a boxer, he is a professional Boxer! I encourage you to take a boxing class to get the full effect of his knowledge and experience! However, something you may not know about Blake is that he is an Army Veteran and helped trained soldiers in the military.

Professional boxer and Army Veteran? I know you’re thinking “this guy must be intense!” Yet, Blake is unique because his knowledge and strength doesn’t come at you full force but rather in an encouraging, trusting and epically motivational way.

Looking back, Blake can tell you that he is where he is now because of pushing himself to extreme limits. He has learned what works and what doesn’t work through his years of training and sports background. This has given him a skill set that combines pretty much everything from agility, conditioning, strength, and etc.

You can be sure that your workout will be a killer because Blake believes in never quitting at anything in life because if we quit we are saying that what we were battling was stronger than us. I think that could be a quote up on a wall!

Come check out boxing with Blake on Tuesday and Thursdays or find him in our Open 30 circuit Friday Nights. Be sure to ask him about his upcoming fights and root him on!

PS: Blake The Beast is Blakes boxing name!


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