Staying Focused

At HIIT Fitness we sell a drink called “FocusAid”. I see many of our members come in after a long day of work and grab a focus aid before they work out. Often, I too, do the same.

Now I am all for FocusAid because wow it’s so good! But what I want to highlight in this week’s blog is how to really stay focused on what we want and the changes we are after- specifically in fitness.

The number of distractions we face on a daily basis can easily derail us from what we are really after. I don’t like to admit that I am distracted, but oh it is true. I find myself wasting valuable time because everything in our society is prying for our attention! Do you feel that as well?

Now just the other day I was working with a personal training client and something she said stuck with me not just the day she said it but almost every day since. I can’t seem to get her words out of my head!

I was intrigued by her ability to give her all in the workout after she had told me her busy schedule without a day off in 100 days. So naturally, I asked, “How do you do it all?”

Cheerfully back she said, “You know I just give everything I have to the moment I am in. I wake up and live just that one day with integrity. I don’t worry about the next day or what I even have planned that day. Whatever I am doing, I am present in that moment. And by the end of the day, I can go to bed knowing I gave myself fully to that day.”

That stuck with me, the sheer simplicity of her focused mindset. I heard the self-awareness of someone who knew that she couldn’t do it all at once. Yet that didn’t overwhelm her. She knew that what she could do was to give all of herself to every moment she was in, not worrying about the next and in return, it all that needed to be done would be at the end of the day.

I challenge you this week to consciously make the choice to be fully present in every moment you find yourself in. I think you will be surprised at the enjoyment you find in the things you do. I think you will be surprised at what more you can do on your fitness journey. I think you will be surprised at your ability to focus and the power it gives you to make changes. And most importantly, I think you will go to bed that night feeling fulfilled.

I have implemented her wisdom in my own life. The past week every time I have worked out I have consciously decided to be all in. I literally have to have self-talk with myself and say “Okay, grab hold to this moment now. You can let go of what else you have after. Be here now.”

I find myself learning how to quickly let go of what I need to do after and instead give the workout everything I have.

I challenge you to the same.


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